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God Is All You Need (1 Samuel 11-12)

Israel has demanded to have a king over them who will lead them into battles so that they would look like the rest of the nations. God has told Israel that he is their king and he will lead them into battles like he has in the past. But the people do not want this. So God gives the people what they want. Saul is the kind of king the people want and God has Samuel anointed him as king. Saul’s calling is to restrain wickedness, turn the people back to God, and deliver Israel from its enemies (1 Samuel 9:16; 2:10; Judges 21:25). So the people have what they want. But God is going to show the people that God is all you need. This is the message of chapters 11-12 of 1 Samuel. God is all you need. Let’s dive into the text and look at how God shows this truth to Israel and how he shows this truth to us. God is all you need…

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