God Is Faithful (Daniel 9)

Daniel 9 gives us a very strong picture of what the Christ was going to do when he comes. This chapter presents the future of God’s working in the nations and in the world to accomplish his purposes to save the world from sins.

Daniel 9 opens by telling us that it is the first year of the new Medo-Persian Empire. The setting is the year after the handwriting on the wall that we read about in Daniel 5 and would be at the same time as the events of chapter 6. Now that Babylon has fallen, Daniel recognizes that Jeremiah’s prophecy is coming to fulfillment. Jeremiah prophesied that it would be 70 years until the end of Jerusalem’s desolations. Approximately 68 years have passed since the Babylonians first invaded Judah. This is the occasion by which Daniel goes to the Lord God in prayer.

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