God Rescues You (Esther 8-10)

It is the second time that a great reversal has occurred in the book of Esther. The first time was when we saw Esther captured by the king as he gathered all the virgins in the empire as he looked for a new queen. Rather than being relegated as a concubine for the rest of her days, she won the favor of the king and was elevated to the status of queen. But life did not continue happily ever after. Haman, the enemy of the Jews, has plotted the extermination of the Jews. In particular, he was going to have Mordecai executed because he would not give him honor. But as Haman comes to the king to execute his plan, God caused a great reversal so that Mordecai was elevated and Haman was impaled on his own pole. Mordecai is given the king’s signet ring that Haman possessed and also possessed Haman’s estate. This is the second reversal in the book. But again we are not able to end the book by saying that they all lived happily ever after. If we have forgotten, there was an irreversible edict made throughout the empire to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the Jews on a given day at the end of the year. That problem has not changed for the edict is still in effect. This situation sets up the final act of the book of Esther…

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