Jesus, Our Brother (Hebrews 2:9-18)

In our last lesson we examined the intention of the writer of Hebrews concerning his use of Psalm 8. The writer is speaking about “the world to come,” that is, the new order and rule in the Messianic kingdom. He then quotes Psalm 8 to prove that the rule is not for angels. Psalm 8 describes the dominion and rule of humans over the earth. At the end of verse 8, we are told that we do not fully understand nor are fully aware about the vastness of this rule. But we do see Jesus, who after being made human for a little while, was crowned with glory and honor.

10 In bringing many sons and daughters to glory, it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the pioneer of their salvation perfect through what he suffered.
11 Both the one who makes people holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters.
12 He says, “I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters; in the assembly I will sing your praises.”
13 And again, “I will put my trust in him.” And again he says, “Here am I, and the children God has given me.” (TNIV)

In verse 9 we see Jesus crowned with glory and honor and he rules on his throne. Verse 10 shows that we are sharing this glory, honor, and victory with him. “In bringing many children to glory” shows that we are joined with him. God made Jesus the pioneer of our salvation through his suffering.

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