Holy Living (Leviticus 17-20)

The book of Leviticus in a book about holy living. God is holy and his people, therefore, must be holy. But we cannot make ourselves holy. God must make us holy through atonement. We examined how God by his grace provided atonement in Leviticus 16. Now consider the linkage in Leviticus. Chapter 16 is the provision for atonement so that all sins are forgiven. Chapters 17-24 describe the holy living needed because their sins have been atoned for. This is an important pattern. The picture is not to be holy and then God will atone for your sins. The picture is that atonement is provided for you. Therefore go live holy lives. In the same way, our holiness did not bring Jesus to die as the sacrifice of atonement. Rather, it was our lack of holiness that required Jesus to come to earth as a sacrifice of atonement, the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Atonement was provided through Jesus and now we are to live holy lives. In this lesson we are going to look at some of the aspects God expected of his people because God is holy and they were to be holy because of the atonement they had received.

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