Hope After Failure

Our theme for 2021 is Hope Starts Here. After a year like 2020 we could use some hope as we go forward. Hopeless is a tough word and yet who has not felt some degree of hopelessness in their lives? Life can feel hopeless. We will speak about a hopeless situation. Without hope, life devolves into depression and despair. So God gives us pictures of hope so that we will never fall into despair. Lord willing, throughout the year we are going to cover a number of situations where God gives us hope to get through our hardship. For this month we are going to look at how to have hope after failure. There used to be a science television show called Mythbusters where they tried out all kinds of myths and stories to see if they were true. One of my favorite lines from the show that was marked all over the set was, “Failure is always an option.” This is certainly true when it comes to following Jesus. I want to turn our attention to someone who dramatically failed in following Jesus and his name is the apostle Peter. Open your copies of God’s word to John 21…

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