Hope In His Name (Matthew 12:15-21)

It is painful to have people kick you while you are down. You already feel low. You are already hurting. Your mind is already spinning. You already feel like you can’t get any lower. But then someone comes along who you hoped would help you and they only make things worse. Job’s three friends fall into this category. Job’s friends spend 7 days in silence only then open a barrage of words against Job, pointing out all of his flaws and problems, many of which were not even true. When we are down and hurting, we need someone who can really help us. One of the hard things can also be that even those who come to our side and want to help cannot really do too much for us. They can listen. They can be encouraging. But there is not really much else they can do. We need someone who can really help. This is the picture of what we need in a savior. Jesus wants you to see him as the savior you need and put your hope in his name. Turn in your copies of God’s word to Matthew 12:15-21…

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