Hope In The Wilderness

We have been in the midst of a series this year called Hope Starts Here. When we go through hardships and difficulties, we need some hope. In this lesson we are going to look at how to have hope in the wilderness. Why did Israel have to go through the wilderness after their exodus from Egyptian slavery? When you look at a map you will see that the path of the wilderness is the longer way to go to the land of Canaan. God could have led them by the sea so that they could avoid the wilderness. But God did not lead them on the short path or the easier way. So why did God intentionally lead his people through the wilderness? Turn in your copies of God’s word to Deuteronomy 8 where Moses gives Israel the answer. The answer that Moses gives to the people of Israel is the same answer that God gives to us for why we must also go through the wilderness before entering the eternal promised land…

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