Hope When Hopeless

This year’s preaching theme is called Hope Starts Here. After a year like 2020 we needed a year where we can see how God gives us hope in hard times. In our message today we are going to talk about having hope when life seems hopeless. Suffering often presents great challenges to our faith. We can hear all kinds of bad information about the reason for suffering in the world. In fact, some will even use suffering as the argument against the existence of God. If there is God, they ask, then how can there be so much suffering and pain in the world? Sadly, I do not think good answers are often given to this question. Often we have not heard good answers for our suffering as we try to serve the Lord. God does give answers for suffering in his word. He has not left to us to wonder why the world is the way that it is or why we go through suffering in life. God did not promote ignorance as the basis for our worship. In fact, God gives a lot of answers for our suffering. In last month’s lesson called Hope When Crushed By Trials, we looked at Job’s response to trials and these gave us some answers about suffering and how to respond when trials strike us down. In this lesson we are going to look at human suffering and what God says about what is going on. Open your Bibles to the Gospel of John as we will look at what Jesus says about suffering and how he gives hope to the hopeless. Let’s look at two pictures in Jesus’ life from the book of John…

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