Hope When Weak (Zechariah 4)

There are many times in our walk with God that we are going to feel weak in the faith. We are going to feel weak in our service. We are going to feel weak in our worship. We are going to feel weak in life. We are not alone when we feel this way. All of us experience these times in our lives. God addresses those times when we feel this way. It is exactly the way God’s people felt when they came back to rebuild the temple of the Lord. You can imagine what a daunting task these people had when they left Persia and came back to Jerusalem. The walls of the city are torn down. There are no houses to live in. There is no farming lands ready to produce. The temple has been burnt and toppled. There is so much work to do. We need to plant so we can eat. We need to build a house so we can live. We need a city so we can exchange goods and services in a marketplace. We need a temple so we can worship our Lord who has preserved us. There are 42,360 people who have returned to do this work (Ezra 2:64). While this is a lot of people, the amount of work that needs to be done is overwhelming and discouraging. So God has sent his prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, to encourage these people to not give up and to have hope even though they feel weak in this moment. So let’s look at how God brings encouragement and hope to his people and how that message can help us when we need hope when we are weak…

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