How To Let It Go (Genesis 33)

Jacob has had quite a night. Messengers have told Jacob that Esau is coming to meet him with 400 of his men. Jacob believes that Esau is coming to take vengeance. He has split his traveling party into two groups in preparation for his attack. Jacob has prayed for God to rescue him from his brother. God’s answer to Jacob’s prayer has been to wrestling with him all night, putting one of his hips out of joint. But the wrestling with God had a message. You have struggled with God and with people and have prevailed. In short, you have struggled with people your whole life and have overcome because God has been with you. In fact, no longer will you be called “swindler/cheater” (Jacob). Now you will be called “struggles with God” (Israel). Now it is morning and Jacob is limping from the struggle. He looks up and he sees Esau coming with his 400 men. God has confirmed that he is with Jacob. But here comes Esau. What is going to happen? What is this encounter with Esau going to teach God’s people for all time? Open your copies of God’s word to Genesis 33…

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