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I Will Bless You (Haggai 2:10-23)

God wants to bless his people. This is a common teaching that we see through the scriptures. God wants to be with his people and he wants to bless his people. Jesus even opens his sermon by talking about the people that God blesses. But God’s people can look around and wonder why God does not seem to be blessing his people. If God wants to bless his people, why doesn’t he just do it? We noticed in Haggai 2:4 that God sent a message to the people that they needed to be strong because God was with him. But we need to remember the first message from the prophet Haggai as recorded in the first chapter. God was not blessing his people because they had the wrong priority. Rather than being busy with God’s house, they were busy with their own houses. So long as they were concerned with their own priorities rather than God’s priorities, God was not going to bless them. As we come to the end of the prophetic messages from Haggai, we are going to see that there was another reason why God was unable to bless his people…

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