Jealousy (1 Samuel 18-19)

David has defeated Goliath, leading to Israel’s victory over the Philistines. David’s success as given to him by the power of the Lord will change David’s life. First, we see Jonathan, the son of Saul builds a relationship with David. Jonathan becomes so connected to David that he loves him like he loves himself. Now many have tried to import their 21 century thinking into this text and suggest more than the text reveals. Love in ancient Near Eastern culture is not about mere feelings like we often speak of it. Rather, love speaks to loyalty and faithfulness. Jonathan is going to loyal to David like he would be to himself. Jonathan makes a covenant with David, stripping his robe and giving it to David. This is a monumental declaration. Jonathan is the son of King Saul and is the heir to the throne. But Jonathan gives David his princely robe, indicated he has relinquished this legal status. Jonathan will be loyal to David as Jonathan understands that David is the rightful heir to the throne because God has anointed him to be the next king. Jonathan understands that David is the heir apparent and God’s chosen one.

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