Knowing The Unknown God (Acts 17)

Can we know the unknown God? It is an important question to ask because we live in a time when most people think that God is unknowable. They say we cannot know if there even is a God and, if there is, then that God cannot be known or understood. This is often illustrated today when a story about a number of people in a dark room touching the different parts of an elephant. Some feel the trunk, some feel the tail, and some feel the body and all draw different conclusions about this unknowable animal in the dark room. The point that is made is that all of us have our different ideas about God as we only experience these different aspects and no one is wrong about their ideas. This is the situation that the apostle Paul walks into when he comes into the city of Athens as recorded in Acts 17:16. Athens was a highly religious, philosophical, and logical city. The impact of ancient Greece is still in effect today as it is considered the birthplace of western thinking and culture…

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