Limping Between Two Opinions (1 Kings 18)

Please Note: Due to problems with the recorder, this audio lesson is made from two different sources; so there is a noticeable change in quality.

God sent Elijah to Ahab, the king of Israel, who is considered the worst king that ever reigned over Israel. The message was simple and clear. It will not rain until Elijah says so. After saying those words, he disappears. The drought which brought about the famine was to be understood as a judgment from God. God said that Israel was to understand that the drought was a picture of the people’s disobedience to the covenant. This brings us to 1 Kings 18 and we are told in the first verse that we are more than three years into the drought. The three years of drought indicates that no one is turning back to the Lord. No one is seeking God. No one is considering their ways. No one is thinking about why things are the way that they are…

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