Love Your Neighbors (Deuteronomy 19-25)

The people of Israel are standing at the edge of the promised land, preparing to enter into God’s promises. Moses is delivering his final sermons, instructing the people so that they will be successful when they enter. In Deuteronomy 14-18 the Lord through Moses has given a picture of what he has come to do for his people and what he expects of his people. God’s people are called to be holy because they are his children (14:1-2). The Lord will do great things for his holy people. He will cancel their debts and set them free from their self-inflicted slavery. He will give them leaders who will rule with justice and righteousness. They will have a king appointed by the Lord and priests who will dedicate their lives to work on behalf of the people. Then, one day, they will have a prophet like Moses arise who they will listen to. These are the pictures found in the last section of Deuteronomy. Now the Lord through Moses will give the people pictures of what life will look like in the land they are about to enter. What we are going to see in Deuteronomy 19-25 is the call for the people to act righteously and to love each other.

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