Make Me A Servant (Acts 6-7)

We are going to spend the next few weeks talking about the life change that Jesus brings to our lives. In many ways, this is a continuation of what we were doing in our look at getting rid of the old you and moving forward with new clothes. But our text for this series will come from the book of Acts. You may remember when we started this series that Luke starts the book of Acts by telling that his first account (the Gospel of Luke) was all that Jesus began to do and teach. The point is that this book, the book of Acts, is all that Jesus continued to do and teach. So we are putting this lens on the book of Acts and looking at the life change that Jesus was bringing to his people. In Acts 6-7 Luke wants our attention to be turned to one of Jesus’ followers, Stephen. What we are going to see in Stephen is what it means to be a servant of Jesus…

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