The New Birth (John 2:23-3:7)

Verses 23-25 of John 2 are the beginning of the scene with Nicodemus which follows in chapter 3. Notice that John once again notes the Passover, drawing the significance and symbolism of that feast into this discourse that Jesus will have with Nicodemus. John records that many believed in Jesus’ name when they saw the signs he was doing. However, Jesus did not entrust himself to people because he knew what was in them.  The wording here is an intended wordplay. Most translations obscure the word play, but the word “believed” in verse 23 is the same Greek word translated “entrust” in verse 24. The HCSB gets close, “…many trusted in His name when they saw the signs He was doing. Jesus, however, would not entrust Himself to them…”  Jesus did not believe those who believed in him.

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