No Honor (Matthew 13:53-14:12)

The Gospel of Matthew tells you when it is shifting to a new section of teaching. There are six sections in Matthew marked by five breaks in the text. The break is marked with words like what you read in Matthew 13:53, “When Jesus had finished these parables.” We have called our last series, “The Teachings of Jesus” which covered Matthew 11-13. But now we are going to see a shift in the tone of this gospel. Chapters 14-19 show the rejection of Jesus. Jesus is going to start talking about his rejection and death. Jesus is going to teach the people that his rejection is coming. We are going to read the people rejecting the teachings he proclaimed. But we are also going to see the great power of Jesus in these chapters which will show that rejecting Jesus is categorically wrong and a complete mistake. Matthew is going to show us why we should not dismiss Jesus but must accept him as the Christ, the Son of God. Further, understanding the rejection of Jesus is going to help us understand our mission and the response we will receive from the world in trying to live out our faith…

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