Not About The Show (Mark 12:35-44)

We come to the final teachings of Jesus to the people of Jerusalem. Jesus is teaching in the temple and the opposition has been coming to Jesus with dishonest hearts trying to trap Jesus in his words. In the last paragraph Jesus has declared that one of the problems is that these religious leaders do not know the scriptures nor the power of God. They know the scriptures but they do not know the scriptures. They had the scriptures memorized but they did not read the scriptures in a way that it would transform their lives. They did not truly know the character of God. They rejected Jesus because they are blinded by their hypocrisy, by their dishonesty, and by their unwillingness to submit their lives to the Creator God who made them in his image. Mark 12 ends the Jerusalem teachings with three short pictures that continue to show why the Jewish leaders refuse to receive Jesus.

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