Not Ashamed (2 Timothy 1:1-8)

We are starting a new sermon series this evening. In 2021 our theme has been on hope in hard times. We have been talking about the hope God gives us as we go through trials, suffering, and hardships. Our focus and theme for 2022 is going to be about growing and strengthening our faith. I will have more to say about those things in future lessons as well as in the bulletins over the next few weeks. Our Sunday evening series that will carry us into the new year is about Faith In Uncertain Times which comes from the book of 2 Timothy. Paul’s second letter to Timothy is what we believe to be Paul’s final recorded words. He is a prison and it looks like Paul is not going to be released from this prison but die for the cause of Christ. Paul is writing to Timothy in these difficult and uncertain times about how to have faith and press forward.  It is unfortunate that there is a strong belief that 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus are books that are only good for preachers and shepherds. But this is really a mistake because these books are more practical than that. Second Timothy teaches how to endure as God’s servant (chapter 1), reveals pictures of God’s servant (chapter 2), the challenges of being God’s servant (chapter 3), and the proclamation God’s servant makes (chapter 4). Let’s read the first eight verses of 2 Timothy 1 and listen to how Paul is stirring up the faith of Timothy…

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