Perverting The Faith (Jude 5-16)

We are talking about guardrails in our short series from the book of Jude. Jude is the brother of Jesus who wanted to write to Christians about the common salvation that we share. But he needed to write to them to contend for the faith because people had crept in among them who were distorting the faith as a license to follow their own desires. But Jude does not want to see them fall into this trap. He writes in verse 21 so that they will keep themselves in the love of God. He does not want them going outside the lines and driving off the spiritual cliff to their destruction. He puts guardrails up to keep them in the love of God. So his first instruction is to struggle for the faith. There is a body of truth revealed in the scriptures that is to be believed, defended, and never distorted. The words in the Bible mean something and they are not open to everyone believing what they want to believe. We must submit to what these words say, whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it or not, and whether we understand it or not. This is what means to confess that Jesus is our Lord and Master. We simply follow and obey him. Now Jude is going to prove that if we do not stay in the lines of the faith delivered once for all, then we will experience condemnation. Look at Jude and we will begin in verse 5…

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