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Psalm 77, Confidence In Crisis

There is one thing you can appreciate about the psalms of Asaph: he is straightforward and honest. Asaph writes down his emotions while dealing with his problems and reading about his situation helps us relate to the feelings he has. We have read Asaph questioning God about the life circumstance he found himself living with. In Psalm 77 Asaph is in crisis again and we will read about how he deals with the situation.

Cries In The Night (77:1-2)

Asaph begins the psalm by recording how he was crying out to the Lord. The first two verses describe how Asaph was seeking after the Lord in the midst of his turmoil. Any person who has ever endured a trial, endured suffering, endured emotional pain, or endured any life difficulties relates to the words of Asaph in the first two verses. Asaph is literally crying to God for help. Emotionally broken and spent, Asaph is in distress reaching out to God for help. The last clause of verse 2 especially describes the nature of the suffering: “…and my soul refused to be comforted.” Nothing can be said to Asaph that will make him feel better. The ordeal is so great that there is no place to find comfort. With the diagnosis of Prader-Willi Syndrome of our daughter, there was no comfort for a few days. There was simply a sharp emotional pain that is simply indescribable that rested upon me. I felt numb toward everything except that pain. We do not know what Asaph is enduring but we can relate to the circumstance where we could not find any comfort or release.

Remembering The “Good Old Days” (77:3-6)

Verses 3-6 seems to be Asaph recalling what we often call “the good old days.” In verse 5 Asaph says, “I thought about the former days, the year of long ago; I remembered my songs in the night.” It is amazing how often trials set apart a new time of life. I have two major life chasms that have forever changed my life. Life events that cause a person to try to remember back to before the ordeal started. Asaph seems to remember back to before his ordeal, a time that seems to be so long ago. He remembers the former days when he had pleasure in the night (songs). But now Asaph has tears and distress in the night.

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