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Psalm 90, The Psalm of Moses

Psalm 90, Brevity of Life and The Eternal God

Psalm 90 is a unique psalm because it is attributed to Moses. We do not think of Moses as a songwriter, however, there are a couple of songs that are attributed to him (Exodus 15; Deuteronomy 32). One scholar suggests that Psalm 90 was written after the traumatic events of Numbers 20. In Numbers 20 there are three painful events in Moses’ life: (1) The death of Miriam, (2) Moses’ sin of striking the rock, and (3) The death of Aaron. Moses loses his sister and his brother and also loses the right to enter the promised land because of his sin. Perhaps these are the circumstances that cause reflection in Moses’ song and prayer to God.

The Eternal Grandeur of God (1-2)

The psalm begins with recognition of God as a refuge and dwelling place for His people in every generation. Then Moses praises God for His eternal nature. Verse 2 states a fact that is hard for humans to wrap their minds around. Before there were mountains and before there was an earth, God existed. From eternity to eternity there is no beginning or end to God. This is difficult because everything we know in life is temporal. Everything has a beginning and an end. So we have to remember that God is eternal. God has seen it all and is able to see all things to know what is best for us.

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