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Psalm 94, God Does Not Forsake His People

Rise Up, God of Vengeance (1-7)

The psalm begins with a description of God, not as a God of love or mercy, but as a God of vengeance. It is a call for God to rise up and act by bringing justice. Particular, the psalmist is calling for judgment against the proud, that they receive what they deserve. Again, we see that there is not a problem with asking God to administer justice. There is not a problem with asking God to give evil people what is due to them. God is a God of justice, which is vengeance. This term “vengeance” should not cause us any trouble or concern.

The question is then brought in prayer: how long will the wicked and the proud be allowed to gloat in their evil? How long will they be allowed to maintain their arrogance? How long will evil people continue to boast? The psalmist goes on to describe their evil actions. They are crushing God’s people. They hurt the righteous. Some evildoers even kill widows and orphans.

Consider the thought process of the evildoers. They think that God does not notice. They think that God is not looking. They think that God does not care what they are doing. This is the typical thinking when we sin. We think that God does not notice. We think that God does not really care. Listen to the answer to such thinking.

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