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Psalms 87-89, The Faithfulness of God

Psalm 87, Zion, Lovely Zion

Psalm 87 is a short psalm about Zion. Zion is described as being beloved above all else. In all of the places in Israel, Zion is loved the most. The second point of the psalm is that there is a blessing of being born in Zion. But notice who are the people born in Zion. They are people from the other nations who now know God. They are from the nations of Egypt (Rahab), Babylon, Philistia, Tyre, and Cush. The Gentiles are pictured as being of God’s registered people born in Zion. The final point of the psalm is found in the last verse where we see all the blessings of God are found in Zion. Springs and streams of water are used throughout the Old Testament as a symbol of God’s blessings (Isaiah 12:3; 41:18; 49:10).

This may seem like an irrelevant psalm because we are reading about the hope of the people being bound in Zion, the holy of city of Jerusalem. But it is important to first of all see how important Zion was to the people. The people understood this as a special privilege of God’s love to his people. The New Testament, based upon this understanding, describes these images in this psalm being fulfilled. People can come to God and be part of Zion, the holy city of God.

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