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Putting Sin To Death (Numbers 25)

Israel is on the way to the promised land with the second generation. The first generation has all passed away for their sins except for Moses. But Moses has been told that he will also not enter the land because he did not uphold the holiness of God (20:12). Israel has been moving through the lands of Moab which are situated on the eastern side of the Jordan River. Balak, the king of Moab, has attempted thwart the power of Israel by hiring Balaam to pronounce curses against Israel. However, God will not allow cursing to come from the lips of Balaam because God has determined that Israel will be blessed and will be successful in their upcoming campaign to take the promised land. We are now very close to the promised land. We do not realize it yet, but this is the final encampment location before the people will cross into the promised land. These chapters possess the final narrative and instructions from the Lord before Moses gives his final speech as recorded in Deuteronomy. So let us look at what happens in these final days before entering the promised land.

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