Questioning God’s Instructions (Malachi 2:1-9)

We are in a series called Fresh Faith where God is exploring the people’s failures in their faith and telling them what needs to be different to belong to him. The people, however, have been surprised by this. They are questioning God throughout this prophecy. God has proclaimed his love for his people. Yet the people have questioned how God has loved them. God has told the people that they are not honoring him. But the people have questioned how they are not honoring him. The reason they are not honoring God is because they do not love to worship God. They want to give God their leftovers and find having to worship God tiresome and a weariness. So here is an important question. How did these people get to this point? How did the people get to a point of being unable to see God’s love? How did the people get to where they do not have a heart for God? How did they get to the point that worship was a burden to them and did not have a passion for God? What you will see as you come to Malachi 2 is that this is a continuation of God talking about the lack of honor he has received from the people. You see this in Malachi 2:2 where God warns the people about taking this message to heart and honoring his name. So we are going to look at how the people got to this point and what the solution is for their spiritual apathy. As we begin I also want us to notice that the framework of this paragraph is probably backward to the logic we typically apply to an argument. Malachi 2:1-3 is God telling the people what he is going to do because they are not honoring him. In Malachi 2:4-7 God explains the way things should have been. Finally, in Malachi 2:8-9 God describes the people’s failure…

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