Ready For His Coming (Matthew 25)

Matthew 24 ended with Jesus warning his disciples that they need to be ready for his coming in judgment. In last week’s lessons we saw that Jesus warned that his delay to bring judgment will tempt his servants to no longer stay awake and be ready and will tempt his servants to mistreat one another (cf. Matthew 24:42-51). Matthew 25 will now explain what being ready for Jesus’ coming looks like. This would be very important and appropriate for them to hear now because Jesus is warning that he was going to come in national judgment against Israel. Not one stone of the temple would be left upon another (Matthew 24:2) and Israel was worthy of God’s judgment (Matthew 21-23). But Jesus not only speaking about the judgment of Jerusalem but extends to speak about all of God’s judgments including even the final judgment when Christ returns. Let’s notice how Jesus shows us how to be ready in Matthew 25…

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