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Redeemed From The Curse (Galatians 3:10-14)

The apostle Paul declares that the Galatian Christians have received the grace of God when they heard the gospel message and responded in faith. It was not through the works of the law that they experienced the promise of the Spirit and had miracles worked among them. It was hearing with faith that brought these people into a covenant relationship with God so that they receive these blessings and privileges in Christ (3:1-5). Further, the scriptures also declares that it is through the hearing of faith that Gentiles would be saved. Before the Law of Moses was given, the gospel was proclaimed by the scriptures to Abraham that in him all the nations will be blessed (3:8). Therefore, it is those who are faith, not those who perform the works of the law or try to be justified by the flesh, who are blessed along with Abraham and are sons of Abraham.

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