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Reflections on Trials (Job 2:11-13)

The Lord has put Job in the hand of Satan. The only restriction placed upon Satan is that he cannot take Job’s life. Job has lost his possessions. He has lost his wealth. His ten children are dead. He has boils and sores from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. His wife tells him that there is no reason to continue living a righteous, blameless life. He should curse God and die. Job 2:10 reads, “In all this Job did not sin with his lips.” We would think this is the end of the account. Job has passed the test twice with flying colors. Job has not cursed God even when everything was taken from him, including his life. While many are tempted to end the story here and teach that we need to be faithful and endure like Job, the story of Job is not all over. There are still 40 more chapters given to us by God for us to learn about trials, suffering, and how God runs the world. Job 2:11-13 sets up for the rest of the account and then we will make some observations about what we have learned so far from the book of Job.

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