Rejection (Mark 6:1-29)

The miracles and parables of Jesus were recorded by Mark in this gospel to show who Jesus is and what kind of heart and what kind of faith a person needs to be a follower of him. We noticed in Mark 5 that we cannot come to God with our self-righteousness or goodness. We come to Jesus in the desperation of our sins and Jesus will receive us.

But now the Gospel of Mark shifts back to its overall theme which we have considered as the King’s Cross. Mark is going to highlight in this gospel what discipleship looks like. What does it mean to follow Jesus? What is expected of Jesus’ disciples? What is the cost of discipleship? We are going to see three scenes which may seem to be unrelated yet have a common thread to reveal to us what it means to follow Jesus. So let us look at these three pictures and consider the message of discipleship from Mark 6:1-29.

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