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Relentless Grace: Stairway To Heaven (Genesis 28)

It is an interesting scene that can certainly be confusing. Angels walking up and down a staircase (Genesis 28:12). Why would they be doing this? Why is this revealed to Jacob? What does this mean for us? To understand these things we need to back up and consider what is happening in Jacob’s life.

Jacob Must Leave (28:1-9)

With the blessing given by Isaac, though he thought he was blessing Esau and not Jacob, Isaac confirms the blessing to Jacob and tells him to not marry a Canaanite woman. The promises given to Abraham are going to come through Jacob (28:3-4). With this, Jacob is sent away. Remember that the reason Jacob must leave is because Esau has openly declared that he is going to kill Jacob once Isaac passes away (27:43-44). Jacob is sent to Paddan-aram where he will be able to marry from his family and not from the Canaanites.

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