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Repent, Renew, Restore (2 Kings 11-12)

Raising children is an interesting process that God has parents go through. What I have found interesting about having teenagers is how much of your power and influence wanes as each year goes by. The reason I find this interesting because all the work that you have done with your children is revealed during the teenage years. It is one thing to think your kids are doing well and being obedient while in your home. But it does not mean as much as watching your kids leave home and continue to do right, make godly decisions, and carry on the teachings you have tried to instill within them for years. The true test is when they can make their own decisions without parental interference. You are able to see the true motivation and heart of the child. In 2 Kings 11-12 some people are put into similar circumstances that will reveal the true heart and motivation of those who claim to follow God…

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