Rest (Matthew 11:20-30)

Who does not like the idea of rest? The word simply brings positive feelings within us. Rest always sounds good. I just want to have some rest. The reason rest sounds so good is because we are weighed down by the burdens of life. Life is full of difficulties and hardships. Jesus has come into the world with the good news of rest. But there has been a problem. People’s expectations of Jesus are keeping them from coming to him. We noticed this in the first half of Matthew 11. People are rejecting Jesus because he is not doing what they want. But Jesus made the point that it did not matter how they came to the people, they had hearts that were not going to receive him. This is what leads Jesus to make a judgment proclamation in Matthew 11:20-24 and an invitation in Matthew 11:25-30. Let’s begin by reading Jesus’ judgment proclamation in verses 20-24…

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