Resurrection Power (2 Kings 13)

We have noticed many unusual scenes that surrounded the life of Elisha. We have seen miracles about healing waters, healing stew, a floating ax head, cooking oil that does not run out, healing leprosy, and raising son’s from the dead. Elisha’s life, ministry, and miracles have all been about God showing who he is and what he is trying to offer to his people. He offering to his people to heal them, restore them, bless them, cleanse them, and erase their debts. But this final picture from Elisha is the most amazing miracle yet. In this series we have been looking at the faith God wants us to have as seen through the life and actions of Elisha. But the power of God that we will see in this text is accessible to us. So let’s turn our attention to 2 Kings 13 to see the ending for Elisha and the power of God toward us…

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