REWIND: A Cross Life

Our theme this year has been titled, “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross.” The goal of our theme is to look at the importance of the cross and how the cross changes everything about how we look at life. I hope that this series has changed how we think about the cross. In our lesson last month we examined Philippians 2 which teaches to have a cross attitude. We will not think of ourselves but will think about others. We need sacrificial thinking. In this last lesson in this series we are going to look at how sacrificial thinking is to lead to sacrificial action. There are many bumper stickers on vehicles today that say, “Salt Life.” I think the idea is that the person would like to live on the water above all else. For Christians, the bumper sticker of our lives is to read, “Cross Life.” Now that we understand the idea of the cross, this picture does not sound very good. The cross was the execution device used by the Romans on the worst of criminals. Do you want that kind of life? Who would want that kind of life? But this is exactly the life Jesus teaches. Open your copies of God’s word to Luke 14:25-35.

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