REWIND: Don’t Go To Church: Gospel Driven

In our first lesson of our series, “Don’t Go To Church,” we noticed that the first century Christians did not look at the church as something outside of themselves that they went to for an hour. We saw that Christians are the church. We noticed that the Christians immediately and joyfully joined together, spent time together to the point that Luke records that these thousands of Christians in the Jerusalem church were of “one heart and soul” (Acts 4:32). What we see is a picture of being together in the descriptions of the church, such as “the body of Christ” and “the family of Christ.” The scriptures tell us that we are joined together in Christ and we must change our thinking so that we love one another the way we read the first century Christians did. We are not individuals in Christ who on occasion come together for the acts of worship. We are the family of Christ and desire to be joined together at all times and work at all times for one another as family…

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