REWIND: Jesus Prayer 3: Our Daily Bread

Last week we saw that praying aligns our will to God’s purposes. Praying the words “your name be honored as holy” means I have a responsibility to not discredit the name of my Father by my actions. Further, my concern will be that God’s purposes will be accomplished, volunteering to help expand the kingdom in the hearts of humanity. Jesus continues in his prayer:

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

So much of the prayer has not been focused on ourselves. We are focused on God, his kingdom, and God’s will being accomplished on the earth. Now we turn to our needs. I would like for us to realize that we can talk to God about our physical needs. In fact, our Father wants us to talk to him about our physical needs.  As a parent, we want our children to talk to us about the things we need. We want them to speak to us about what is going on in their lives…

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