See (2 Kings 6:1-23)

One of the things that God is always trying to tell us is how much we are unable to see. In particular, we have looking at the nation of Israel in the books of 1 & 2 Kings and we have observed how Israel is unable to properly see God and their relationship with him. Elijah and Elisha have been sent to help the people but they have been rejected even though they are teaching and performing the miracles of God. In 2 Kings 6 we encounter another miracle that seems mundane and strange. We have noted in our study of Elisha that many of his miracles seem to fall into this category of strange and mundane until we look a little closer and see the meaning behind the miracle. No miracle is done for the sake of doing a miracle. Every miracle portrays an important spiritual message. This is also the case in 2 Kings 6…

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