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The Sign of the Covenant (Genesis 17)

Thirteen more years have passed by. Fourteen years prior Sarai had created a plan to fulfill God’s promise by Abram conceiving a child by Sarai’s slave, Hagar. However, this was not the plan of God and was an act of faithlessness. So Ishmael is 13 years old and Sarai has not born a child to Abram. One of the things we noticed earlier in our study is that God gives pictures to his people to solidify their faith in God’s promise. God showed Abram the stars of the sky and told him that his offspring would be as numerous. God passed as flaming torch between animals in a vision to Abram to show him that they are in covenant together. If these were not enough, God has even more to give. In Genesis 17 we see the Lord appear to Abram and Abram is not going to say one word until verse 17. What more does God have to say to Abram?

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