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Straining Forward (Philippians 3:12-16)

Lately we have seen some strange things in the sports world regarding the athlete’s effort. You may have seen this on television. A University of Oregon runner, Tanguy Pipiot, thought he had the race all locked up. He began to slow down before the finish line, waving to the crowd, getting them excited about his victory. However, he did not see a University of Washington runner quickly coming up behind him. The other runner passed him by and Tanguy lost the race because he let up at the end. He laid on the track in shock and disbelief. All because he celebrated too early. Football players have had an outbreak of this problem. They will slow up in their celebration only to have the opposition tackle the player or cause a fumble from behind. Occasionally I have watched players drop the ball before the goal line to start their celebration, not realizing they had not made it all the way into the end zone yet. We have the temptation to think that we have attained the goal and begin to celebrate and relax before the goal has actually been achieved.

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