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Superior Sacrifice (Hebrews 9:15-28)

Now the writer is going to show us how and why the heavenly sanctuary is far superior to the earthly tabernacle.

(1) Heavenly (11). We saw this contrast earlier but now it is explicitly stated. Jesus has appeared as the high priest over the good things that have come. This happened through the greater and more perfect tent. What makes this tabernacle greater is that it was not made with hands. Humans did not construct the heavenly sanctuary. It is not of this creation. Jesus is functioning as high priest in heaven in the heavenly sanctuary, that is not a copy, but the reality.

(2) Service deals with sin (12-15). Jesus’ priesthood is superior because it effectively deals with sin and the heavenly sanctuary is superior because that is where true atonement is made. Jesus entered the holy places, not with the blood of animals, but with his own blood. It is his own blood that effectively deals with sin, bringing us an eternal redemption. The blood of animals cannot solve the problem of sin. Jesus’ sacrifice is superior to the sacrifice of animals.

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