Superior Sanctuary (Hebrews 9:1-15)

We have never seen this heavenly sanctuary that the writer of Hebrews speaks about. For that matter, we have not seen the earthly tabernacle either. One thing that I like about the Holy Land Experience in Orlando was the life size replica of the tabernacle. It gives a great visualization of the earthly tabernacle where the sacrifices were made. But Solomon, Stephen, and the apostles pointed out that God did not actually live in the tabernacle. It is not possible for God to live in anything that is made by human hands. But it was symbolic that God was with his people and they were in a relationship with him. Hence, when the people were disobedient, God left the temple, cutting off his people from having a relationship with him. Even when the temple was reconstructed after the captive by Zerubabel and expanded by Herod, God did not dwell in that temple. Josephus records that the Holy of Holies was empty after the Babylonian exile. Though the temple stood, the house was left desolate (Matthew 23:38). God was not in a relationship with his people.

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