Tear Your Hearts (Joel 2:1-17)

We are looking at the prophecy of Joel as God gives a message to his people to show them that he is all that they need. Joel stands as a timeless message as God teaches us what we should do when calamity and disaster strikes. In the first chapter of Joel, we read about the day of the Lord that has past. There has been an unprecedented locust attack that has completely wiped out the people’s prosperity. We learned that God shut down their worship, cutting off their sacrifices, so that they would go to the house of the Lord for worship. God wanted to get their eyes upward and move them to call out to him because he is sovereign over the earth. But God also wanted to get their eyes to look forward. The locust attack was a warning of another day of the Lord that was coming very soon. In Joel 1:15 the Lord proclaimed that another day of the Lord was near. As we come to chapter 2 we are going to see the day of the Lord described. Then God will tell the people what they should do…

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