Thankful Obedience (Deuteronomy 26-28)

We are now coming to the end of Moses’ second sermon. This sermon began back in chapter 5. Moses’ purpose was to put the law before the people and explain the law to them (4:44; 1:5). There has been no break in this sermon to the people as Moses has continued to explain the commands of God for when the people enter the land. But Moses does not simply leave the people with the law and tell them to do it. God’s goal has never simply been for people to mindlessly and dutifully keep his laws. It is shameful that often Christianity has portrayed God in such a light. Moses does not want that idea left in the minds of Israel. As Moses concludes this sermon that explained the law of the people, he will leave the people with three primary reminders for them to keep when they enter the land. There are responses that God desires for his people to have when they hear the law of the Lord. So let’s consider what Moses tells the people and we will consider what our response should be for what God has done for us.

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