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The Ascension (2 Kings 2)

It is a scene that has caused a lot of wonder and a lot of confusion: Elijah being taken into heaven. Why does this happen to Elijah? Why does he not just live a normal life and die like all the other prophets of God? Why is there a special event surrounding the end of his life? We are kicking off our study of 2 Kings by looking at the life of Elisha in a series entitled Bold. The end of Elijah’s ministry is the starting point of Elisha’s ministry as Elisha looks to carry on the work that Elijah began. Not only this, but the life of Elisha is filled with strange miracles like floating axe heads and killing mocking children. What are these miracles supposed to be teaching us? What is God teaching us about our faith as look at this transition from Elijah to Elisha?

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