The Authority of Jesus (Mark 1:21-39)

We are in an interesting place in the beginning of the Gospel of Mark. The structure of this gospel is interesting to observe. The first fifteen verses showed us that this is the beginning of the good news that Isaiah prophesied about. Jesus is the successful servant in whom God delights who succeeds against Satan, bringing his kingdom with him as he arrives as the King. In our last lesson we noticed the authoritative call of Jesus to follow him. We see Simon, Andrew, James, and John immediately leave their jobs and their families to follow Jesus. Who is this Jesus that people drop everything to follow and why should we do the same? This is what is taken up for us in the rest of chapter 1 of Mark’s gospel. There are five segments of this picture in this section that show us Jesus. We will only be able to look at the first four in this lesson and the fifth picture in another lesson.

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