The Death of the Anointed (1 Samuel 31 – 2 Samuel 1)

As we transition into 2 Samuel it is important to remember that the division of these two books is arbitrary and not original to the scriptures. The book of Samuel was divided into 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel when the Greek translation of the scriptures was produced, hundreds of years later. But 2 Samuel describes the transition of the kingdom from Saul to David. The first ten chapters of 2 Samuel describe the rise of David. Chapter 11 records David’s failure. Chapters 12-24 reveal David’s fall. The book must answer the question if David is the rightful king and the promised king. Is David a better king than Saul? Is there still a better king to come? So we will continue to look for the rise and rule of the anointed as we approach the rest of the book of Samuel…

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