The Glory of God (Ezekiel 1)

We are starting a new series called A New Heart which will come from the book of Ezekiel. We are told in the first three verses of the book that Ezekiel is a priest who had been taken into exile in the land of Babylon. Though a priest, he is commissioned by God to be a prophet to the captured people of Judah. We also learn that Ezekiel was by the Chebar River in Babylon when he saw the visions of God. There are God’s people who remain in Judah and Jerusalem after the first and second Babylonian invasions. It is in the second invasion that Ezekiel and many of the workers of Judah are captured and taken to Babylon. But Ezekiel’s task is to preach to the people who have been taken. In your Bibles there is another prophet named Jeremiah who preaches to the people who were not captured in these invasions…

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